Thank you for visiting my website!  I hope that you can find many resources here that will benefit you
in the classroom, at home, or in some other way that I haven't even thought about! 


In hopes of helping you know who I am and what I hope to offer to you, here's my story.  I began teaching in
1996.  I started in a social studies classroom, but eventually moved to mathematics.  I taught math for twelve
years.  During this time, I really solidified my teaching philosophy, my teaching style and my goals as an
educator.  I opened up a Teachers Pay Teachers store and began selling items that I had created for my 
classroom and my students.  

Along the way, I began editing videos for church and that led to a change in my teaching position as well as
my own side hobby of converting old home movies for people.  Converted4U was started at the suggestion
of a good friend and we've been converting memories for many years.  We'd love to help you if have old home
movies, pictures or slides that you would to have digitized.


In 2019, I became my school's Teacher of the Year.  I was humbled byt the nomination and the election to
represent my school.  One of the things that I began doing at that point was to send out a weekly Tech Tip
for Teachers.  I look for things that will benefit teachers whether they are Face2Face or teaching from a 
digital classroom.  I wanted to help them incorporate technology into their classrooms and their lessons.


As if I wasn't busy enough with family, church, teaching and side hobby, along the way, I have increased my
presence on YouTube and have been steadily growing a channel of content for teachers and students as well
as a new video series where I'm reading books to my grandchildren called "Story Time with Didi."  I hope that
you'll head on over to and check out some of my videos after you've finished
looking around the website.  Again, thanks for stopping by!!!