Converted4U offers a one-stop shop for converting all of your photos and videos to digital format.  We've been converting memories for your friends for 10 years now.  You simply send us your pictures and home movies and we'll send you back all of your pictures and home movies as well as digitized versions of all files on a DVD and/or a thumb drive.  


For more information about your tapes, Click HERE to send an email.


Video Cassette Formats

$25.00 per two hours of footage

Available Formats:  DVD, mpeg or mp4

**Thumb drive with electronic files available upon request. Cost will be the cost of the a drive large enough to hold the files. 

$5.00 for each additional copy of a DVD.


Video Reel Formats

8mm or Super8mm

$15.00 per reel


Video is captured frame by frame to converted to an mp4 file.

Most of these reels are 3-4 minutes in length and they are generally silent.  We can add music to the video if you wish.  Files can bruned to a DVD or saved as an mp4 to a thumb drive.

8mm Reels

to mp4


Picture Transfers

$40.00 ~ 35 mm slide carousel digitized

50¢ ~ per slide/picture scanned to digital file w/ basic editing


All files will be loaded on a thumb drive once they are digitized.  The cost of the drive will be added to the total.

$2.00 each

Images digitized from Medium Format film.


This includes editing.