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What began as an email to staff at my school has become something that I look forward to each week.  I love to investigate new resources for those that teach and for those not necessarily in a classroom.  I hope that you can find things here that you can use!


Are you regularly sending announcements to your students in Canvas? 


Do they look like this?


With just a couple of minutes in PowerPoint, your announcements can look like this:


To create an image “Announcement”:


Open PowerPoint


Create the announcement with images, colors, text as needed.


Then, save it as a jpeg.


            Save As


            (Pick a location) – I save mine in an “Announcements” folder in Pictures

            Change the type to a jpeg




Go to Canvas.

Click on Announcements

            Click on +Announcements (top right)

            Insert à Image (new formatting in Canvas)



Once you are ready to send it to your students & observers, click “Save.”