Technology Resources in one place!

What began as an email to staff at my school has become something that I look forward to each week.  I love to investigate new resources for those that teach and for those not necessarily in a classroom.  I hope that you can find things here that you can use!


Hey Friends!  Welcome to this week’s Tech Tuesday! 

First and foremost…THANK YOU to Mrs. Lanter @DeanRusk for this week’s Tech Tip


Last year, I showed you how to edit your Favorites bar in Chrome to remove the words and just have icons across your favorites bar.  Here’s how to do this:


      1)  Here are some icons on my Favorites bar that have a written description.


           Here are some icons on my Favorites bar where I have removed the words and just have the icons.



           I like this because it saves space and allows me to have more favorites visible at once.


     2)  Right click on the icon that you want to remove the words from and click “Edit.”



     3)  In the edit box, simply backspace the words away and click “Save.”



     4)  Now, your icon is just an image with no words.



Now, here’s what Mrs. Lanter showed me.

          In the Chrome Favorites bar, right click and create a folder and name it “Daily Tabs” or whatever you want.



          Drag any favorites for sites that you use every day…for me, it is Canvas, ASPEN, Office365, etc.



          The “magic” of this folder happens when you right click on the folder.



          You have the option to open all links within the folder at once!! 


For me as a teacher, this just saves me the time of opening tabs and clicking links every morning.


For students, they can create a “Daily” folder and pull links to Canvas and Office365 in there.  Remember, Canvas works better when Office365 is open.  This “automatically” opens both when they click. 


Click HERE to see a video tutorial of today’s Tech Tuesday.