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What began as an email to staff at my school has become something that I look forward to each week.  I love to investigate new resources for those that teach and for those not necessarily in a classroom.  I hope that you can find things here that you can use!


Have you thought about using Modules “Prerequisites” as a way to allow students to move forward at their own pace?


Did you know that you could assign prerequisites in Canvas?  They are exactly what they sound like.


Your student can’t start a module until they have completed all of the required assignments from prior modules.


It’s very easy!  Follow these steps:


Set up your modules with wanted content.


Click the ‘breadcrumbs.’


Click “Edit”



Click “Add prerequisite”



Select the module that you want to be the prerequisite for the module that you are working on…for me, I select the last module in the list because it will be the module preceeding the one that I’m working on.



Once you’ve selected the Prerequisite, you need to set the requirements…again, I select all of the requirements.



Finally, click “Update Module.”