Technology Resources in one place!

What began as an email to staff at my school has become something that I look forward to each week.  I love to investigate new resources for those that teach and for those not necessarily in a classroom.  I hope that you can find things here that you can use!


Go to www.nearpod.com and click “Login” in upper right corner.



The NearPod platform has updated since this tip was first published.  The new images have been used to update instructions.



Click on the Create button lacated in the upper right corner near your name/image.



When you click “Lesson in Nearpod,” you are redirected to this slide.



After clicking “Add Slide,” you see these options for Content and Activities:





Once you've created your NearPod, you can preview it.




When you launch "Student Paced" (bottom right corner), you get a "Join Code" for students.




You can use the share options above to insert the NearPod into your school's LMS platform.